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Team Building

Book now for a one of a kind team building experience at Rainbow's End!

What better way to boost employee motivation, improve communication and teamwork, break down barriers and create a sense of unity...all while having loads of fun! We are passionate about The Power of Play and what it can do for your organisation. Businesses work best when the team is a cohesive unit working towards a common goal, and PLAY in the form of team building is an effective way of reaching these goals.

Our facilitator will take care of all the details so you get to form genuine, collaborative relationships with your team and with these relationships in place, teams are more productive and have greater job satisfaction!

Rainbow's End Amazing Race

Amazing RaceTeams competitively race across the park completing tasks, gathering clues & scoring points. The challenge is to complete ALL of the tasks and score most points… while trying to complete the race as fast as possible.

My BBQ Rules

My BBQ RulesThis fun, fast paced gastronomical battle royale will test your group’s team work skills as they race against the clock to create a glorious edible masterpiece that will astound the judges.

Crime Investigators

Crime InvestigatorsFoul play has unfolded in the small western town of Rainbow Creek. With the town’s sheriff missing, it is up to you and your team to solve the crime. Your skills of cooperation, innovative problem solving and creativity will be tested in this interactive and entertaining activity.

My Lego House

My Lego HouseYour goal is to design, construct and market the most spectacular house possible – The catch is… your team has only Lego blocks to work with and your potential buyer is a deserving child!

Pedal to the Medal

Pedal to the MedalGet your motor running as your team will compete on the Scorpion Karts track, cause havoc in the Dodgem Cars, laugh out loud with Mario Kart Wii and high five after completing the Corkscrew Rollercoaster Challenge.

Rainbow's End Dash for cash

RNBE Variety Bash Team Building LogoTeam members battle in simple to explain, yet hilariously tricky to master fast paced challenges in the quest to be the winning team. It’s organised chaos at its finest and is designed for maximum fun while utilising participants skills in team work, communication and strategy.

Rainbow's End Top Tribe

Top TribeThe Tribe has spoken; this team building event is so much fun! Tribes will battle it out head to head in Survivor like challenges at Rainbow's End, New Zealand’s Premier Theme Park!

Dodgem Basketball

Dodgems basketballThis game is heaps of fun and gives everyone a chance to get in and do their bit in a goal scoring frenzy. This is a particularly good activity for a group of mixed physical abilities. If planned properly everyone within the team will have an important role utilising their skills and the physicality of the Dodgem cars themselves.

Bumper Boat Bluff

The Bumper Boats at rainbow's EndNegotiating the Bumper Boat once around the pool may sound easy...but not when you’re blindfolded! This game looks easy, but participants soon find out that co-operation, communication and a sound tactical plan is the only way to win. This game will quickly sort out your leaders from your followers as well as those who listen to instructions and those who don’t.

Motion Master Quiz

PR Logo Alt Bl SmAn exercise in isolation and observation. Find out how well teammates can concentrate under pressure, while enjoying all the thrills and spills of the 4DMotion Master Movie ‘Pirates Rapids'. Teams put their heads together afterwards to answer a short list of questions on things seen and heard during the ride.

Team building activities must be booked at least one week in advance and are subject to availability, please contact us now to book a great experience for your team!

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We can also organise catering for your group or venue hire if you would like to combine your team building event with a meeting or conference. Contact our coordinator for further information or bookings on 09 261 0420 or .

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I was really impressed with the quick and easy booking process. Everyone really enjoyed the experience and found it to be well organised and fun. Everyone got to know their team members better and that was just what I was looking for. Thanks so much to you and your team.

Karyn S
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