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Ride Information

Find out everything you need to know about the rides at Rainbow’s End!

There are rides for everyone.  Challenge yourself on thrill rides like the Stratosfear, Invader, Fearfall or Power Surge or have lots of family fun  on the Log Flume, Gold Rush or karts.  Choose your rides and play it your way!

Kidz Kingdom has some fantastic rides too that are ready and waiting for you to try out!  The Choco Express, Magic Bikes and Surf 'n' Swing are all new in the outdoor area of Kidz Kingdom.  In the indoor section, check out the huge Fortress Of Fun or take a spin in Enzo's Country Raceway!


The brand new ride STRATOSFEAR at Rainbow's End is NOW OPEN! It is seriously scary with a complete 360 degree rotation which will challenge even the most seasoned thrill seeking ride enthusiasts. This ride is a first in the Southern Hemisphere, seats 30 people and with the complete 360 it's one of only 4 worldwide!!

Make sure to join us and give the new ride a go.


If you would like to try the new ride at night, check out our Night Rides page for more information on our next series.

The Invader

The Invader promises to be one amazing adrenaline pumping ride suitable for all the family as long as they are over 120cm tall!

Seated on a huge disk facing over the edge you will be spinned and transported along an 80 metre track which reaches heights of 15metres! Experience G Force sensations and lots of excitement, this ride is one not to be missed. Rated in the top three attractions at overseas theme parks the Invader is a fantastic addition to the already world class stable of attractions at Rainbow’s End.

You must be 120cm or over to ride The Invader

Power Surge

The Power Surge ride at Rainbow's EndDesigned by Italian ride manufacturers Zamperla and billed as giving riders a different ride every time, Power Surge comes with a thrill rate of "aggressive".

Riders begin their disorientating journey seated in a star formation with their feet dangling below them touching the ground.   They are then hoisted 18 metres into the air and the different ride components spin on both vertical and horizontal axes.

But wait, there’s more ... while the ride is spinning the seats rotate as well!

You must be 130cm or over to ride the Power Surge.


The Fearfall ride at Rainbow's EndAt 18 stories high, the ride takes two cars of four seated riders each on a controlled ascent to the top of the tower, pauses them for a few seconds and then drops them .... reaching speeds of 80km/h before a patented magnetic braking system brings them gently to the ground. The ride opened midday on Labour Weekend Saturday 20th October 2001.

You must be between 120cm and 195cm to ride the Fearfall.

Corkscrew Coaster

The Corkscrew Coaster ride at Rainbow's EndNew Zealand's only corkscrew roller coaster.  We take you up more than 90 feet in the air, then send you shooting down towards the ground into a complete loop, round a corner at teeth-rattling speed and then into a double corkscrew.

You must be 120cm or over to ride the Corkscrew Coaster

Log Flume

The Enchanted Forest Log Flume is one of our most popular rides, taking you and your friends on a magical ride through a waterfall and deep into the heart of a mountain.  Watery twists and turns and hold on for the big plunge at the end of your ride!

You must be at least 80cm to ride and be accompanied by an adult if you are under 100cm.

Gold Rush

The Gold Rush ride at Rainbow's EndAn exciting rollercoaster-like ride through our very own abandoned goldmine.  Watch out for falling beams, cave-ins, explosions and out-of-control mine karts!!

You must be at least 80cm to ride and must be accompanied by an adult if you are under 100cm.


The Dodgems at Rainbow's EndOur undercover dodgems are a very popular attraction, line up someone you don’t like the look of and crash into them!

You must be at least 80cm to ride with an adult and 120cm or over to ride by yourself.

Scorpion Karts

The Scorpion Karts at Rainbow's EndSingle seater racing fun for big kids, a taste of the real thing!  The Scorpion Karts will have you going back for more!

You must be 150cm or over to ride the Scorpion Karts.

Family Karts

The Family Karts at Rainbow's EndShow Mum and Dad what you’re made of! Speed through our specially designed course full of twists and turns in these two-seater racers.

You must be 80cm or over to ride as a passenger and 150cm or over to drive.

Motion Master

PR Poster 27x39 SmAn interactive virtual theatre experience not to be missed. This ride has two rows of 12 seated riders watching a large screen with 4D-enabled glasses. The chairs are hydraulically controlled and move in time to the on-screen action. The Motion Master plays 70mm movies specially imported from North America with six-track DTS stereo sound.

You must be 100cm or over to ride the Motion Master. 

Our current film is: Pirates Rapids.

Bumper Boats

The Bumper Boats at rainbow's EndBumper Boats are great fun on a hot day! Tear around the course in the Bumper Boat of your choice.

Interesting Trivia: The Bumper Boat pool holds 750,000 litres of water!

You must be 120cm or over to ride the Bumper Boats.

Pirate Ship

The Pirate Ship at Rainbow's EndAhoy there me hearties! A rollicking good ride on a galleon from old! For the best ride, sit in the last seats at the bow and stern and lift your arms in the air and your feet off the ground ... if you dare!

You must be 80cm or over to ride the Pirate Ship and be accompanied by an adult if you are under 100cm.

Kidz Kingdom

This area is specially designed for our younger guests with a host of rides to keep them happy.

The rides available in this area are: The Space Shuttle, The Car Wash Convoy, The Jumpin Star, The Carousel and the brand new Choco Express, Surf and Swing and The Magic Bikes.

Our Birthday rooms in Kidz Kingdom are perfect for Birthday Parties and are available for bookings every day of the week.

Please note socks are required to be worn on the Fortress of Fun (no shoes or bare feet are permitted).

Height minimums and maximums apply in Kidz Kingdom.