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The Story of Kidz Kingdom

Kidz Kingdom is a magical place in Rainbow’s End especially for kids 8 years and under where there are lots of fun rides and places to explore.  

Did you ever wonder how Kidz Kingdom came to be at Rainbow’s End?  Read the story and find out how Rai, Bow and all their friends from Rainbow Kingdom got together to make such an awesome place just for kids!

The Story of Kidz Kingdom

Far far away there is a land called Rainbow Kingdom. It lies just over the rainbow, so next time you see a rainbow, look really close and you may see Rainbow Kingdom just on the other side!

It's a magical place, full of rainbow fairies, rainbow colours and rainbow lollies. Some of the fairies eat a few too many of those rainbow lollies but they have lots of energy to run, skip and play all day...of course they never forget to clean their teeth before they go to their fairy beds!

Everything is amazing at Rainbow Kingdom! The flowers turn to look at you and say hello and the stars wink at you with both eyes, every time you smile at them. Princess Sapphire and her brother Prince Sebastian who were born in Rainbow Kingdom look after all of the wee folk who live there. There are lots of fairies, magicians, knights and ladies but only one Rai and one Bow.

One year, Princess Sapphire asked Rai n Bow, two of her most favourite kingdom folk, to travel over the rainbow to see if other children lived there. Guess what they discovered? Lots and lots of children at a magical place called Rainbow's End. They fell in love so much with Rainbow's End that they decided to stay for ever and ever having fun, singing and dancing and laughing and playing with all the children of Aotearoa.

Back in Rainbow Kingdom, Princess Sapphire and Prince Sebastian filled their days with sunshine and happiness but they did miss Rai n Bow very much.  So they decided to send the most adventurous fairy of the kingdom, "Iris" (which is another word for rainbow) over the rainbow to find out how they were doing.

Iris the Fairy fell in love with Rainbow's End just as much as Rai n Bow did and they started wondering what they could do to stay and create a piece of Rainbow Kingdom at Rainbow's End.

It wasn't long before Rai n Bow started building a Rainbow Kingdom at Rainbow's End, but Iris the Fairy exclaimed - "It can''t be Rainbow Kingdom - this magical place is for the children, this is KIDZ KINGDOM!"

Everyone was so excited and Rai, Bow and Iris travelled all the way back over the rainbow to tell Princess Sapphire and Prince Sebastian about the marvellous place they had discovered all those thousands and thousands of miles away. The Prince and Princess were delighted that a part of their kingdom was now at Rainbow's End. They decided that they should send some of their very special people to play, to laugh and to have lots and lots of fun with all the children.

Many wanted to come but only a few magical characters were chosen, Iris the Fairy, Enzo the Magician, Sir Prised Alot and of course Rai n Bow.

Princess Sapphire decided that her brother, Prince Sebastian, was more than capable of keeping their kingdom running smoothly and felt she too should travel to live and rule for a while in KIDZ KINGDOM. So Princess Sapphire is now at Rainbow's End as well - if you don't see her, it is because she has popped back over the rainbow to see how things are going, but don't worry, she will always come back.

Rai n Bow were so thrilled that their friends could join them and live in KIDZ KINGDOM, the magical place for all the children of New Zealand. Come and meet them, they will share the magic with you...

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