Take a break from the headset and get behind the wheel of a everyone’s favourite theme park icon – the dodgem car.  The Dodgems aren't part of Rainbow Playlab on a normal day, but may be available to private hire groups.


Dodgems Playlab
Single play$7
Double play
Triple play

Available with private hire packages only.

Who doesn’t love a dodgem?

Dodgems are also included in some of our Rainbow Playlab private hire packages, where you can step up the challenge in tournament mode with Dodgems Basketball

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Dodgems at Rainbow Playlab

Height restrictions Apply:

Height Restrictions:
130cm Driver
80cm Passenger
A responsible caregiver over 160cm in height must accompany those under 130cm.

Dodgems available with Playlab private hire by group appointment.  

Have questions? Check out our FAQ page, or contact us

Phone: 092622030
Email: playlab@rainbowsend.co.nz

Rules of good gaming at Playlab

•No bags (lockers on site)
•No swearing or shouting – no matter how heated the play gets!
•Drinks & snacks in the café zone only

Dodgems 3
Dodgems 2
Dodgems 4