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Take a seat at a state-of-the-art gamer station, with top live play games like DOTA 2, Fortnite, League of Legends, World of Tanks, World of Warcraft and so much more. 

We connect you to the best and latest games through high quality screens and headsets from the comfort of a premium gaming chair.

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Rainbow Playlab E-Sports Arena features tables of ten in the perfect environment for a gaming hookup with a group of mates.

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Sign up for Playlab VIP for early access to new release games, exclusive game nights, tournaments and competitions, plus 10% discount off  everyday session rates.  Sign up here for free. 

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There are 30, 50, 110 min and day play sessions available.

Rainbow Playlab

30min50min110minDay Play
Session pricing Per Person$7.00$10.00$18.00$39.00
VIP Session pricing N/A$9.00$16.20$35.10
Birthday  Table Bookings (10)
Pay for 9, Birthday child plays FREE (ages 8-14)


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Birthday Parties

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Book 9 players and the birthday child plays for free (available for ages 8-14).

Our E-Sports Zone is set up in tables of 10, meaning your crew can battle royale styles  in the comfort of a state of the art gaming equipment with favourite games unlocked. 

We follow industry  game classification recommendations  to keep our guests safe , with a login in structure that controls what the kids see on screen based on their age.

 Birthday bookings can have a table reserved for them in Playlab cafe so they can fuel up between level ups. Just let us know at time of booking. 

Only Playlab Cafe food can be consumed in Playlab cafe, however you are welcome to bring in a birthday cake. 

Bookings are available mornings outside of standard centre hours, with advanced notice.  Contact us for details: 
Send an enquiry

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age appropriate gaming

While we recommend E-Sports for ages 8 and up, we use gaming certification to restrict what games are available to players at log in. 

For example, if you are aged between 13-14,  games certified for ages 15+ won't be visible to you.

Games List and Classifications:

Games with the classification ‘Unknown’ have no age classification information in the New Zealand database, and no age restrictions in the Australian database. 

'Unknown' games are not age gated and may be played by any players. Parental discretion is still advised for minors even where there are no restrictions,  especially for games with combat play.

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Ages 8+ (content and game classification dependent)

Open 7 days

Longer play, private center hire available, including outside of center hours.  See group rates.

Questions? Go to our FAQ page, or contact us

Phone: 092622030 Email: [email protected]

The Rules of Good Gaming

Help make Rainbow Playlab a great experience for everybody:

 No bags (lockers on site)

No swearing or shouting – no matter how heated the play gets!

Drinks & snacks in the café zone only

Children must be accompanied by a suitable guardian

Treat equipment with respect


Rainbow Playlab staff will set your age when they set up you up a gamer station. Your age will will determine what games are visible for you to play.  

Proof of age may be required for some bookings.

12 +

  • Fortnite - no restrictions in NZ or Australia, however we follow the UK recommendation of 12+. Players under 12 will need parental/guardian approval to play
  • Overwatch


  • Apex Legends 
  • Diablo Reaper of Souls
  • Path of Exile


  • Battlefield 1
  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019)
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • Playerunknown's Battlegrounds  (PUBG)
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Warframe


  • Left 4 Dead 2
'Unknown' Classification Games. 

These are open to all players on our E-Sports system. Parental discretion advised for minors:

  • Brawlhalla  
  • Dauntless 
  • DOTA 2  
  • Garry’s Mod  
  •  League of Legends  
  • Minecraft (Unrestricted PG)
  • Paladins  
  • Realm Royale  
  • Rocket League  
  • Slime Rancher   
  • Smite  
  • Splitgate  
  • Starcraft II  
  • Subnautica  
  • War Thunder  
  • World of Tanks  
  • World of Warcraft 
  • World of Warplanes  
  • World of Warships