Lightweight, magnetic technology lets you clock up the hits without the hurt on our virtual Sword-Fighting  leader board. With 6 lives you can fight it out 1 on 1, 2 on 2 or go tournament mode with 3 on 3 player competition formats.

Sword Fighting

Is there a better feeling than vanquishing your opponent after a hard-fought battle?

Rainbow Playlab Virtual Sword Fighting uses foam swords and chest plates with electronic scoring so you can track your sweet, sweet victory.

Practice your Samurai moves, display  , or if it’s your first go, we can get you started with 6 competition ideas for you and your mates.

Virtual Sword Fighting: 12 Lives
Virtual Sword Fighting: 24 Lives

Group rates & bookings available

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Virtual Sword Fighting at Rainbow Playlab 

Ages 5+*

*This can be vigorous play, and requires handling a lightweight sword. Parental guidance required.    
Open 7 days

12 Lives $6
24 Lives $10
Group rates & bookings available

Have questions?
Check out our FAQ page, or contact us
Phone: 092622030

Rules of good gaming at Playlab
•No bags (lockers on site)
•No swearing or shouting – no matter how heated the play gets!

•Drinks & snacks in the café zone only

Virtual Sword Fighting
Virtual Sword Fighting 2
Virtual Sword Fighting 3