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Covid-19 FAQ

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This page is updated to reflect the most frequently asked questions at the current level. Please check out our Level pages to see details of our park procedures at each stage (Traffic Light Red)  or give our team a call on 09-262 2030.

do i need to wear a mask?

Yes. In line with current mandates, any guest over the age of 12 is required to wear a mask in park 

Masks need to be appropriate (no banners, pieces of fabric or other alternatives).

do i need to be vaccinated?

Yes - all guests aged over 12 years 

To enter the Park while we are at RED traffic light all guests over 12 years must be fully vaccinated.

 Guests will be required to scan their COVID passport at entry. Guests will also be asked to provide photo ID to match their passport.

 The COVID passport covers all medical exemptions. 

Will you be checking for proof of vaccination? even for kids?


Children 12+ years will require proof that they are fully vaccinated, including ID to verify their certificate (we accept birth certificates or passport).

Before entering the park we will have a safety check which includes a bag check for banned items and also check for vaccination, and proof that the vaccination information supplied is for that person.

i am medically exempt from being vaccinated. can i come in?

We accept medical exemptions through the Covid Passport scan system. if you have have exemption and it is registered with the Ministry of Health, when you scan your Covid Passport at entry you will be approved to come in. If you do not have an exemption registered in this,  you will not be able to enter.

Under our Traffic Light Red safety plan, no other forms of exemption can be accepted. 

will staff be vaccinated?


All staff on site will be fully vaccinated.

how many people will be on a ride?

The amount of people on a ride depends on the required physical distancing between bubbles for the current Covid 19 Level. 

At a minimum bubbles will be distanced by having a seat between them, or only 1 bubble per carriage.  

why can't i bring in food?

This is an everyday policy for Rainbow's End

We have never allowed commercial takeaways but 2 years ago we stopped homemade food coming in as many guests were creating hazards with BBQs, bringing commerical food under the guise of homemade, using cafe spaces and condiments for food from other businesses, and disappointingly getting abusive and threatening to staff when questioned on it.  It became apparent a clearer food policy was needed.

We have many dining options on site include allergen options at Playlab Cafe, and guests are welcome to leave the site to dine and then return. If you choose to do this, we ask that you leave your band intact for re-entry.


You will only ever be sitting next to someone in your bubble. 

When dining, tables in park have a 1 bubble policy with plenty of markings and signage to remind people to keep that 2 metre distance.

On rides, at a minimum, bubbles will be distanced by having a seat between them, or only 1 bubble per carriage.  

are under 2's still free? 


can i use my unused ticket or annual pass at these new sessions?

Yes, you can, but you need to register your visit.

We have capacity limits  in place and to help manage this there are no gate sales. All entry must be via an online booking for the correct date or session, or if using a comp ticket or a lockdown impacted ticket or annual pass, a visit registration.  

Check out the the impact of Lockdown on the terms of your ticket HERE, and then register your visit at Level 3 Step 2 HERE.


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