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Level 2.5 at Rainbow's End

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C19 Alert Level 2 5 Open With Restricted Access
C19 Level 2 Restrictions Call Out

We reopen with additional Ministry of Health mandated procedures to protect you, our team and the community from Covid-19 transmission across our 7+ acres.

Conditions of Entry at Level 2: 

There are extra conditions of entry and behavior in park at Level 2, such as mandatory physical distancing, which need to be adhered to for everyone's safety. Read all about it on this  page.

Level 2 for Public Venues includes significant restrictions on number of guests by zone in park.

Strict guest caps mean you must buy your ticket online or register your prelockdown ticket visit, to avoid disappointment at Gate. 

C19 Level 2 Attractions

We will only open attractions, ticket types and quantities that can meet or exceed Ministry of Health Level 2 Public Venue requirements. 

     mAIN PARK

C19 Rainbows End
C19 Riding Passes Only  Superpasses

All Main Park attractions operating,  except those in scheduled maintenance.

Reduced ticket capacity  (40% of normal)

Restricted numbers by in park area.

Riding Passes only (Superpasses), no Spectator tickets. 

  • This is to reduce standing clusters, and to ensure capacity for riders. 

No groups over 10 people.


C19 Kidz Kingdom
C19 Kk Attractions On Superpass Only

All Kidz Kingdom attractions operating, except indoors play structures  Fortress of Fun and Tiny Tots.

To manage low zone caps and reduce Spectator clusters, Kidz Kingdom Tickets are not available. Attractions are accessible with a:


C19 Rainbow Playlab
C19 Playlab Closed Arcade Open

Playlab Entertainment Centre Attractions Virtual Reality, Virtual Sword Fighting, Escape Rooms & Computer Gaming are closed; Arcades are open. 

Arcade play is via preloaded card , and also coin on some machines.

Playcards and coins for play are available via  self- service units by the Playlab Counter.

Entry to Playlab is managed  in limited numbers.

C19 Level 2 Additional Safety

Designed to reduce contact and touchpoint risk while supporting good hygiene, and excellent distancing, our Level 2  Public Venue protocols will keep you safe throughout our 7+ acres.

C19 Safe Thrills With Rainbows End V3
C19 Park Access Rules

These rules are mandatory to reduce transmisson risks in park and keep us all safe in Level 2. If you have concerns about any of the rules, we recommend you save your visit to a less restricted time.  

C19 Contact Tracing

Record your visit with the official Covid Tracer App.

We have back up registration options if you do not have the app. 

C19 Online Tickets V5

With numbers restricted to <40% of normal, you will need to organise tickets before you arrive,  by buying online or registering your pre-lockdown ticket/Fun on Demand Pass:  HERE.

Safe Distances

Distancing is a mandatory condition of entry and behavior in park. Creating a safety hazard by not distancing, ignoring ground markings, signage and staff instruction will result in exit from the park with no refund. 

That means:

Come with your bubble, stay with your bubble. 

Keep at least 1m from other bubbles, more where possible, and observe ground distance and entry guides in zones and high traffic areas like ride queues, food queues and park entry.

Always follow staff advise and instruction on distancing.

C19 Riders Only

Spectator and Kidz Kingdom tickets are unavailable in Level 2 due to zone restrictions. Pre- Lockdown tickets may be used in Level 2, within the promotional terms of those tickets.

C19 No Exit

We are not banding to reduce contact.

This means once you enter the park, you can only leave once.

C19 No Cash

To reduce hand to hand contact risk, all staff to guest transactions at gate and through the park are card only, no cash. 

Coins for lockers or arcades can be obtained from self -service coin changers in Playlab.

C19 No External Food

With no exit and re-entry,  you will also not be able to use the picnic tables outside the main gate.

Playlab Cafe and the gift shop have allergen & cultural friendly options.

C19 Groups Of 10

Only small bubbles in park in Level 2.

This includes Birthday room Bookings, with 10 guests max in the room, including Spectators.  

This is mandated by the Government and Ministry of Health, and isn't flexible. 

For information on Covid-19 at Level 2, we recommend visiting the COVID-19 OFFICAL NZ GOVERNMENT SITE or Ministry of Health for reliable and up to date information and recommendations for keeping yourself and your loved ones safe from Covid-19.