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options for lockdown impacted tickets

Rainbow’s End remains closed,  in line with Auckland's Level 3 Stage 1 status.  Reopen timings are dependent  on Auckland Level changes and safety guidance from the Ministry of Health.

We hope to see you soon! 

superpasses, spectator tickets, & Kidz Kingdom tickets 

Single use general admission ticket types purchased directly from Rainbow's End have a 30 day validity. That 30 validity will be reset at reopen.

If you prefer a refund, please reach out to  [email protected]. Please  include your  booking reference number and the name on the ticket.



You may still request a refund: 

Refund/credit  requests need to go to Grab one as this is where the purchase was made. Contact: [email protected]

if you STILL want to visit:

Your coupons have been extended until March 31st 2022, excluding public holidays and the month of January. 

Please note that bookings are currently unavailable until our reopen date is confirmed.  Once bookings open up again, you can book as follows:


1. For those who have already used their voucher to book a Rainbow's End ticket: Email [email protected] with your booking refernece number and your preferred date to visit. 

2. For those who have an unused Grab One voucher code: Redeem your voucher code for a ticket  HERE.

Fun on Demand Passholders Sept 2020 - Aug 2021: 

You will automatically have the number of lockdown impacted open days within your pass term (18) added to your pass expiry from reopen.

Your new expiry will be communicated here once reopen dates are confirmed.


Your will automatically have the count of lockdown impacted open days within your pass term added to your pass expiry.  Currently this is 33 days.

We will update this information as Lockdown progresses, and will confirm your new expiry at reopen. Hopefully you can start using them soon!


Lockdown impacted 16 trading days before your original expiry date (Sept 11) . When the reopen date is confirmed,  a new expiry date that will be 16 days from reopen will be published here, and emailed directly to members by AA.

CHRISCO December 31 2021 expiry

The number of affected trading days within the expiry terms of your ticket,  will be added to your expiry date.

With the confirmation of Auckland at Level 3 until at least midnight on October 19th, an additional 43 days will be added to your expiry, taking it into February 2022.

The  final number of impacted days will be tallied and communicated here weekly after each Monday Presser.

Please note, that due to the long redemption window on Chrisco tickets, no refunds are available

Debit Success

The number of affected trading days within the expiry terms of your ticket, will be added to your expiry date. If you are travelling from another region whose  boundary is closed to Auckland longer than the current lockdown, this will be factored in your ticket extensions.

Debit Success tickets due to be issued in Lockdown will be held and issued when the park is about to reopen, to give you a longer period of time to use.

Please note, that Debit Success tickets are unable to be refunded. 

For bookings not impacted by current lockdown, standard terms and conditions apply.