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Entertainment and Shows

Our School Holiday Entertainment is filled to the brim with fresh laughter and excitement. These school holidays you have a bunch of amazing shows to choose from (so why not choose them all?!).

Plus, as always, keep an eye out for our roaming characters. They're known for providing good chat, so feel free to say hello and snap a pic as they stroll around the park.

From Saturday 17th April to Sunday 2nd May we've set the below schedule just for you. See you there! 

The Tag Sword Fight Extravaganza 

Who: Anyone on a Kidz Kingdom ticket.
What: Use our swords to tag your opponent and see who comes out on top!
When: 11:30am-12pm.
Where: Kidz Kingdom, by the Dixie Chickens Stage

3 Swords 800 X800
The rascals and the rainbow rescue show

Who: Everyone is welcome!
What: The characters have taken over the stage! Don't miss the singing, dancing and fun!
When: 12:15.
Where: Centre Stage.

2013 03 20 12 31 22
Crayola Party Time

Who: Anyone lucky enough to be in the park!
What: Be part of the party for the chance to win Crayola prizes and take part in the free massive lolly scramble.
When: 12:45pm.
Where: Centre Stage. 

Crayola Tips 400W
Centre Stage Carnivale

Who: Anyone in the park.
What: We bring together your favourite Rainbow's End characters as we celebrate the fantastic day we have had at Rainbow's End! It’s a celebration like no other; you won’t want to miss out!  
When: 2pm approximately. 
Where: Centre Stage

2013 03 20 12 36 00

Park Characters

Our park residents stroll through the park during the day on weekends and holidays to entertain and have fun with the kids.

Feel free to take photos with our characters to take memories home with you.

Rai n Bow in Kidz Kingdom

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