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AA Driver's Town November Update

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There's been a lot happening at the site of our upcoming attraction AA Driver’s Town! A roof has been added over the whole area so it will be a great place to come rain or shine. Work has also begun on the walls and buildings. See the monthly progress below:

May 2016: Starting to clear and develop the site

May2016 AA Driver's Town

June 2016: The area has been cleared

June AA Driver's Town

July 2016: Lots of developments in July!

July AA Driver's Town

August 2016: the beams of the roof are ready 

August AA Drivers Town

September 2016: The roof is up!

September AA Drivers Town

October 2016: Things are starting to take shape inside 

October AADriversTown

November 2016: More painting and buildings going up! 

November 2016 AADriversTown

December 2016: More details being added

December AADriversTown

We'll have more news and pictures of the attraction soon so make sure you check back here or follow us on Facebook.