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Dark Rides FAQ

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Dark Rides are coming and we're looking forward to some awesome events! Check out our FAQs below to help you prepare.

When are Dark Rides happening at Rainbow’s End?

Dark Rides will be held on Saturdays 12, 19, 26 October & 2nd November 2019.

What time can I arrive?

The events start at 6pm, however gates will be open at 5:30pm for ticket processing.  Guests who enter at 5:30pm are welcome to hang out in our Retail Hub zone or in Rainbow Playlab until the event itself opens at 6pm.  As these events are popular, we strongly recommend arriving early in the night to get the most out of your experience.

Can I go out and come back in during Dark Rides?

Once you have entered the park for Dark Rides you will not be able to exit and re-enter.  Make sure you bring warm clothing in with you.

How can I get tickets?

Tickets are available with our online here and there will also be gate sales on the night. Dark Rides are popular and these events can sell out, so we strongly recommend booking online in advance for guaranteed entry on the night, especially if you are traveling.

How does the Megapass work?

Our Megapasses are an awesome option if you want to visit in the day and stay for the night too!  When you first enter we'll redeem your ticket and give you your wristbands for both the day and Dark Rides.  When the park closes for the day at 5pm you're welcome to check out the brand new Rainbow Playlab or hang out in our Retail Hub Zone until Dark Rides begins at 6pm.

Can I come in costume?

Yes! You are welcome to wear light makeup and costumes, however for health and safety reasons heavy make-up, masks and other full face coverings are not permitted. Rainbow’s End reserves the right to refuse entry for any costumes deemed at our discretion to be offensive or inappropriate.

What can’t I bring to Dark Rides?

As part of security the following items are not be permitted to be brought into the park:

  • Weapons and knives (including knives for food, ceremonial swords etc)
  • Fireworks and other explosives
  • Glass of any kind (including glass bottles)
  • Aerosols (including deodorant)
  • Drinks of any kind (water bottles can be emptied and refilled from park water fountains)
  • Scooters and bikes (except as medical aids)
  • Balls 
  • Toy guns or toy weapons (this includes costume weapons)

Bag searches are conducted at all our entrances, if items are held by security a ticket will be provided for you to claim these at the end of the night; please ensure you keep this ticket so that your items are able to be returned. This is not a complete list of prohibited items so please contact us with any specific questions. Our standard conditions of entry also apply.

Can my child come to Dark Rides?

Children are welcome but are required to be actively supervised by a responsible adult at all times. We would like to make parents aware that there are some scary things in the park including people in costumes on these nights. Manic Manor: The Witch's Lair in particular is frighting and is R14, we advise parental discretion.  

Kidz Kingdom outdoor rides will be open until 9pm on the nights for the Tricks & Treats events (2-8 years).  There wont be any scary actors in this area on these nights, only our friendly team.

More Questions?

If you have any questions about Dark Rides which aren’t answered above please contact us for more information.

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