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How to plan your work Christmas function in 5 easy steps

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1. Start Early It’s never too early to book your event regardless of how big or small your company is. Organising a corporate Christmas function takes time and the earlier you start, the easier event planning will be and therefore much more enjoyable!

2. Choose a date The earlier you plan, the easier it will be to secure a venue on a suitable date. Send out an email to everyone with suggested dates and pick from there, this allows for everyone to have some input. Ideally you will have the whole office attending, so setting a date and booking a venue early is imperative. Here at Rainbow’s End we are open EVERYDAY except Christmas itself for both day and night functions.

3. Find the perfect venue Don’t book yet another lunch, think outside the box! Choosing a Christmas function venue is arguably one of the most important aspects of planning an office Christmas party. If you don’t want your employees sitting around a table making small talk, choose a venue with some pizzazz! Here at Rainbows End we are not only open every day, we can open at night too and supply an unlimited amount of activities for your employees. We can also host groups of any size and you don’t have to worry about cleaning up afterwards!

4. Party Food The food you choose can make or break your Christmas party. We have a great range of meal options; you can choose from one of our menus or ask us to create something specific for your group. A mouth-watering selection of food is available throughout the park!

5. Entertainment & Activities An office Christmas party should be fun and entertaining, and getting the team out of the office and is vital for team development. Rainbows End provides a plethora of team building exercises and activities to keep your employees entertained and joining in the Christmas spirit. 

So what are you waiting for? Take your team to new and start organising your office Christmas party with Rainbow’s End today!

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