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International Happiness Day

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Our survey has revealed that when it comes to "simple pleasures", Kiwis value "spending time with family" and "seeing their children smile" at the top of their list.

Relaxing at the beach on a hot day, eating comfort food and enjoying a cup of tea are also highly valued according to the top ten list. We have put together the list after surveying our Facebook community to celebrate the International Day of Happiness on 20 March.

The results suggest that New Zealand is a nation that is more concerned with friends and family than material possessions. In response to one of the survey’s follow-up questions, more than 61 per cent claimed that spending time with loved ones makes them happier than buying new things. Only 3 per cent stated that new purchases put the bigger smile on their face.

It seems that age also plays a part in the increased enjoyment of simple pleasures. Almost all respondents (98 per cent) agreed that they had a greater appreciation of everyday joys as they got older. One person commented: "When I was younger, I thought I needed more materialistic things to be happy. I’ve come to realize that achieving happiness goes so much deeper than the possessions that you own. Spending quality time with friends and family gives me the greatest sense of happiness by far."

Katharine Murray, Rainbow’s End Marketing Manager, said: "It’s lovely to see friends and family featuring so strongly when we talk about what we enjoy most in life. It’s a reminder that we can spend all the money in the world on the latest shiny things and exotic holidays, but we often still get the most pleasure out of much simpler things."

To celebrate International Happiness Day, Rainbow’s End has launched a happiness themed art competition for New Zealand kids aged 5-12 years. The theme is happiness and is completely open to interpretation. The young artists can use any tool that they like, including colouring pencils, paint, crayons and markers.  The top three submissions will receive a day out at Rainbow’s End for themselves and 5 of their friends or family.

New Zealand’s Top Ten Simple Pleasures

Spending quality time with family (43%)

Seeing the kids smile and laugh (24%)

Eating favourite comfort food (4%)

Kisses and cuddles from loved ones (2%)

Relaxing at the beach on a sunny day (2%)

Listening to good music (2%)

Sharing an evening meal with family (2%)

Reading (1.6%)

A good cup of tea (1%)

A warm bath (1%)

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