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Is it Gold or Black? Purple or Blue?

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The recent internet sensation caused by a dress colour is looking like repeating itself here in New Zealand. Rainbow’s End has spectacularly lit up their 30m high Norfolk pine tree situated in the centre of the park, with over 1000 lights which can be seen from miles around, however the colour of the lights is being hotly debated with staff and passers-by.

The tree has been expertly lit by lighting engineers to celebrate the mid-winter season, but admiration for the tree has turned to discussion over whether the lights are blue or purple and Rainbow’s End has been fielding curious enquiries from people wanting to know the answer! For those of you who see purple apparently it is actually blue and the designers advise that blue lights are seen more easily from further away.

Along with lighting projects Rainbow’s End is currently undertaking a major revamp of their front gate. A much larger, modern front entrance is planned to open later this year, it will feature 8m tall pillars of colour which signify the new branding introduced by Rainbow’s End last year.

As for the lights blue, or are they purple, it doesn’t really matter as long as you enjoy the display.

Norfolk pine lit up