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It's the Last Arggh Me Hearties

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It's the Last "Arggh Me Hearties" for a Rainbow's End Theme Park Classic

After 34 years, the Pirate Ship at Rainbow’s End will swing its last swing on Saturday 19th August to make way for a new development planned for late 2018.

“The Pirate Ship holds fond memories for many New Zealanders. It’s been a ride that parents have brought their children back to experience years later so there is a lot of nostalgia associated with it.” says Marketing Manager, Katharine Murray.

“The Pirate Ship has been a fantastic attraction that has spanned several generations,” says Chris Deere, CEO of Rainbow’s End. “We have exciting plans for this area however so have decided that the time is now right to retire this ride and invest in an exciting new attraction as part of the Park’s ongoing capital investment programme.” 

Chris is well aware that many loyal customers will be sad to see the Pirate Ship closed. However, he feels that it is the right decision given the ongoing upkeep and maintenance costs to keep this ride operational, and the Park’s desire to continue to introduce exciting new rides and attractions, which has seen attendance levels grow by 62% since 2009.   

Farewell celebrations will be held on Saturday 19th August with prizes for best dressed pirates and photo opportunities at the Pirate Ship.

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