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Kidz in the Kitchen: Rainbow recipes for little fingers

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Check out our favourite Rainbow recipes for getting our kids in the kitchen.

These recipes are perfect for little fingers (with a little bit of help). 

We'll be updating this post with new recipes as they launch so make sure you check back - and don't forget to show us your fantastic creations on social media!

1 Chocolate Spiders

Kidz in the Kitchen: Chocolate Spiders

We love how easy these chocolate spiders are to make, but older kids may have fun dressing them up a bit more.

We have used fried noodles packet, but pretzels work well too.

1 Chocolate Kiwis

Kidz in the Kitchen: Chocolate Kiwis

Our sweet little national  bird just got sweeter!

Swap the pretzel for a chocolate finger biscuit for a beak that's a treat.

1 Pbb Hedgehog

Kidz in the Kitchen: Peanut Butter Brownie Hedgehog

This little Peanut Butter Brownie Hedgehog is easy and fun to make and doesn’t need to be baked.

Create little Hedgie families by making them in different sizes. Following the scoop sizes in the recipe will make about 15.

1 Choc Nut Mice

Kidz in the Kitchen: Choc Nut Mice

We loved nibbling on these little nibblers.
Make your Choc Nut Mice richer by swapping cocoa for your favourite chocolate melted, or go for a melted chocolate coating.

1 Deer Crackles

Kidz in the Kitchen: Deer Crackles

Try mixing in  some mini marshmallows or smarties into the crackle mix for an extra delicious twist. The pretzels are crunchy and salty and are a nice match to the sweetness of the chocolate.

4 Rainbow Cups Tile 1

Kidz in the Kitchen: Rainbow Cups

This colourful lockdown treat is one of our favourites to make with the kids in the kitchen.
What else would you layer in there to make  the rainbow even yummier?

5 Hungry Caterpillar Tile 1

Kidz in the Kitchen: Hungry Caterpillar

This little Rainbow recipe is almost too cute to eat – almost! The best part of the recipe is scoffing the offcuts while your little kitchen buddies are busy assembling. 

6 Sea Dog Tile 1

Kidz in the Kitchen: Sea Dogs

Rrrrrrrr! It be another Rainbow recipe to get kids in the kitchen during lockdown, RRRRrRRRRR!
We like the way the ‘tenacles’ curl up to look like the real deal when you heat the hotdog.

3 Bananarama Tile 1

Kidz in the Kitchen: Rainbow Pops & Bananarama

The Rainbow’s End Catering Team reckon the topping combinations are endless for these two Rainbow recipes for getting kids in the kitchen. What combinations do your kids think are yummiest?

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