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Making an awesome kids birthday party!

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Your child’s birthday is coming up, they are dancing circles around you and thrilled to invite all their friends, they’ve already started telling everyone about it and they are probably changing their mind on who they want to invite every few seconds!

Birthdays are a really exciting time for kids and they remember them years into adulthood. Every parent wants to make some magic for their child on their special day, but sometimes it’s a bit hard to know where to start!

Don’t worry, there are a few simple things you can do that will take the stress off you on the day so that you can enjoy the party too! We’ve asked mums, dads, uncles, aunties and all our Facebook and Twitter fans to give their best tips for making a birthday party awesome!


It’s a great chance to get the birthday child involved too. How do they want to celebrate their birthday, do they want a special cake? If you write things down it really helps and kids love being involved. Some parents host the party in their own home and others prefer to have the party at an outside venue. If inventing games, cleaning up and hiding pets doesn’t sound appealing, then choosing a birthday party venue might be for you. Make sure the venue has lots of fun activities for the children and is suitable rain or shine. If you are looking for a birthday party venue in Auckland and want a stress-free party of course we would love for you to host your kids birthday party at Rainbow’s End!


Now you’ve got the location sorted and booked it’s just the plans for the day to finish up. Deciding who to invite is a big decision; some parents use rules of thumb like two friends for each year of age, while for others it’s based around the number of close friends a child has. The venue should be able to give you an idea of how many children they can host in a party, or for those having the party at home, the size of your table and how much cooking you are prepared to do is a good guide.

If you are booking a Kidz Kingdom party our birthday rooms can cater for up to 14 children each, we are also able to arrange for parties of 50+ kids so just give us a call. There are invites on our website which you can print and send to all your guests so that’s another thing to check off your planning list. Birthday food is included with the Kidz Kingdom package, we cook all the food, bring it to your room and clean up afterward –“ meaning you can enjoy the party as well! We can also organise extra things like a birthday cake, lolly scramble, balloons or take home goodies if you like.


As every parent knows, kids have lots of energy – especially when they are really excited! At Rainbow’s End our passes allow kids to play all day from 10am-5pm so it’s a good idea to book your birthday room so there’s time to come in and go on some of the rides first. We recommend arriving at least 45min before your room booking, but letting the kids play for an hour or two before eating seems to be the most popular option. After some food the kids are always ready for round two and usually head back to the rides or to Centre Stage to watch one of our shows. For parents it’s time to leave the mess to us and head out for some fun with the kids!

We would love to see you here in Auckland to celebrate your child’s birthday! Get in touch with one of our friendly birthday coordinators today.

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