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Mayoral Youth Employment Partner

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Rainbow's End joins Len Brown to crack Auckland's youth unemployment rate.

With 85% of its 270 strong workforce aged under 20 years,engaging and empowering the youth of Auckland is something which Rainbow’s End are passionate about. And to show their commitment they have this week signed on as a Mayoral Youth Employment Partner to support the creation of sustainable employment opportunities across the region.

23,000 young Aucklanders are currently not in employment,education or training (NEETs). 27% of Auckland’s youth is unemployed andthere is a critical skills shortage in a number of sectors and in turn Aucklandnow faces a productivity crisis. In response to the high youthunemployment rates, the Mayor has called for businesses, local boards andgovernment agencies to commit to address the issue.

Rainbow’s End have formally pledged their support to theCouncil to work collectively with other organisations, employers and youth boards to share their success stories, winning approaches and award-winningbest practice HR resources, which in turn will help create greater employment opportunities.

Leanne Laloli is Team Development Manager at Rainbow’s Endand understands the importance of working collaboratively and is keen to startthe process. “Providing youth employment opportunities is embedded in the character of our company and we are proud to offer a great start for many young people who most often live locally. We have realised that young workers can bea vulnerable section of the workforce and deserve particular protection and with the right guidance and support we can shape their attitude to work and their futures. At Rainbow’s End we have the mind-set that investing in a young person’s career has its own rewards”.

At 22, Brendan Clemens has been with Rainbow’s End for2 years and is testament to this and to how hard it can be starting out and finding the right job, with the right employer. After completing abusiness degree at AUT followed by a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture atUnitec, he was keen to find a job that would fulfill his passion for design and at the same time somewhere that would support his growth and development. “Rainbow’s End have been great, they have a great variety of training and development programmes in place that are always evolving and growing, but more importantly relevant to the times”.

“Working at the park has been one of the best decisions I have made, the skills and training I have received will help me long into the future. I am now looking long-term at theme park design and have already been given the chance to show off my design skills for the park”.

In return for Rainbow’s End support of the Mayoral initiative they will receive a number of benefits. These include use of a kite-mark that identifies the park as a registered quality youth employer and a formal acknowledgment of their in-house training programmes, such as the 52 Nugget Programme, which has already received international acclaim at the IAAPA(International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) 2014 Brass Ring Awards for Best Innovation in a Training Programme.

This coming Saturday (May 30) Rainbow’s End in conjunction with Auckland City Council, are hosting the inaugural Rainbow’s End Youth Summit. This summit is designed to encourage youth to realise their full potential through a series of seminars and presentations.

CEO Chris Deere states, “as a business we are totally supportive of initiatives that support youth and support development of youth potential. Our young staff are the lifeblood of our organisation as they are responsible for bringing our rides and attractions to life and creating a memorable guest experience.

The performance of our staff is paramount to the success of our business so we will do everything we can to provide a positive, supportive and engaging culture so they can fulfil their potential and also meet our expectations as a business.

We also understand the responsibility in providing ourstaff with a positive start to their working lives through teaching them thefundamentals of the work environment, developing good work habits, establishinga good work record and having the confidence to engage with a wide variety ofpeople”.

This Saturday’s summit will include three workshops whichcover Youth Leadership, Youth Speak and Cultural Identity. The Youth then haveto showcase their learnings from the day. All participants are selected from an application process and have had to have shown a commitment to their own development and have often shown leadership qualities in their schools and community.

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