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National Road Safety Week

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National Road Safety Week kicks off today (Monday 8 May). Led by charity, Brake, the aim is to raise awareness of road safety issues, and to ultimately prevent road deaths and injury. 

This year, Rainbow’s End launched AA Driver’s Town, in partnership with AA and Suzuki. The ride enables children up to 12 years to experience driving a miniature Suzuki Swift around a colourful, tiny town featuring traffic lights, two-way roads, roundabouts, parking spaces, a fire station, café and restaurants, and other landmarks.

 Road safety is very important to us. We believe that early education, done in a fun and engaging way, is vital so that kids can learn basic road rules, patience and healthy attitudes to driving safely.

 To support National Road Safety Week, we decided to find out what Kiwi kids actually think about grown-up driving. So, we put ten AA Driver’s Town kids in front of a camera, and got them talking about how mum and dad drive. The results have been fascinating! 

 Watch the video to find out exactly what the kids have to say. They chat about whether mum or dad drives better, who drives the fastest, what their parents do when they’re annoyed, and who they enjoy being in the car with most. 

 We have also surveyed almost 400 other schoolchildren to give us a more extensive view of how New Zealand kids perceive adult driving. We’ll be unveiling those results over the coming few days, so keep an eye out! 

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