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It's a personal thing, being scared, but we do feel that this new ride is our scariest, most extreme yet. We are still keeping the name under wraps for a little while longer and there will be a few competitions to enter. The new ride will launch on 17th April for those brave enough to take up the challenge!

This ride is the first of it's kind in the Southern Hemisphere, there are only 3 others of this size and ride performance in the world so it's pretty exciting to add this to our stable of world class rides here at Rainbow's End!

Here is a bit of advance notice on what to expect! First you will be strapped into a seat, your feet will be dangling, they won't touch anything. You won't be alone - there are 29 other people with you. You will have the choice of either an extreme version or a bit less extreme version. On the extreme version you will start spinning and rotating. Eventually you will rotate in a full circle in a full 360 degree arc, fully upside down! At the highest point you will reach 30m and for those of you still in feet and inches that is 98 feet!! It's pretty high to be upside down, swinging back and forth whilst also spinning. We are so excited about seeing everyone on this ride and have competitions running to give you an opportunity to be one of the first.

Check out the new ride here and enter the competition to be in with a chance to win.

Open from the 17th April it will be in full swing for the school holidays. Also if you think you have what it takes to ride it in the dark, we will be hosting Night Rides on April 19th and 26th and May 3rd. This is an extra series of Night Rides especially to celebrate the opening of our new ride which will look just amazing lit up at night. If you can't get along during the day make sure to join us on Saturday nights for Night Rides. Look forward to seeing you soon at Rainbow's End.