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Rainbow's End Kidz Club

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We have an exciting Kidz Club at Rainbow’s End and there’s always lots of fun things going on! Becoming a member is FREE and there's a bit more information about the club on this page.


Join Kidz Club at the special members only site. To register we’ll need your name and some other details so that we’re able to contact you. Kidz Club is just for kids who are 5-13 years old so you’ll need to make sure you've checked that it's OK with your parents before you sign up.


Once you’ve signed up we’ll send out a welcome newsletter and membership badge! Make sure you have the right address and phone number in your Kidz Club profile so it gets to you safely. Once it's arrived, keep your badge somewhere safe because when there are special deals for Kidz Club and you’ll need to bring your badge to show you’re a member.


Members receive an email newsletter each term which is packed full of games, activities, jokes, brain teasers and competitions. Keep an eye out for offers in the newsletter so you know when we have a special deal. We’ll also keep in touch a couple of times each term with competition reminders or any special news.


We love to hear from Kidz Club members so share your best jokes or fun facts with us. Our favourites might even be featured in the next newsletter!

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