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Resene are really going to put a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

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Just over a year ago the iconic rainbow that adorned the entrance to Rainbow’s End Theme Park for over 30 years was removed to make way for the new state of the art entrance. Once the project was completed and the company took the rainbow on a road trip to find a new location for its new ‘forever home’.

It was on this tour that Resene identified an opportunity to make the rainbow an enduring and iconic symbol for a town in New Zealand and they joined the year long quest to locate a suitable new home.

Resene know colour and they wanted the rainbow to represent colour and fun, as well as bringing joy to a town, particularly for the children. They approached the organisers of Goldfest in Waihi with the objective of involving the rainbow in the Goldfest celebrations with an actual pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Resene’s Managing Director, Nick Nightingale says “ Resene have enjoyed supporting towns in New Zealand for many years with competitions such as Paint the Town, fundraiser Hunger for Colour and our support of local schools and community projects. And what better way to celebrate colour and Waihi, than with a rainbow of colour with a pot of gold at the end?”

Goldfest runs through October in and around Waihi with events and activities for all ages for the young and the young at heart. GO Waihi Coordinator Brian Gentil said “It’s fantastic that companies such as Resene and Rainbow’s End are so community focussed and keen to get involved to support the festival and the Waihi region. We are hopeful the rainbow will be in place at Victoria Park on SH2 by mid October”.

Rainbow’s End is providing 10 x family passes to the Goldfest organisers so that 10 deserving families can make the trip up and enjoy a day in the park. Chris Deere, CEO from Rainbow’s End said “We intend to do this every year and develop an association with the town.  We support many community projects with student of the term in schools and a large number of sponsorships including community groups and junior sports teams so it’s a nice progression to have an association with Waihi through the rainbow.”

The rainbow is on its way to Waihi today and no doubt will attract considerable attention along the route. Once in Waihi it will be repainted in Resene rainbow colours to welcome visitors to Waihi.

Anyone wanting to join in the Goldfest celebrations in Waihi should contact Go Waihi or see their website

Old rainbow leaving the park