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Roller Coaster Day 2016

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There were ups, downs, loops and buckets celebrating International Roller Coaster Day today!

Bjorn and Josh from Life FM took the day to the next level with a mission to spend a whole hour on the Corkscrew Roller Coaster. After a few (ok.. a lot) of rounds on the Log Flume to work up their courage and talk to some of the Rainbow's End team they were ready to take on the coaster challenge.

Watching them take on such a challenge definitely wasn't for those with weak stomachs, but we're excited to report that it was successful! Josh even went for a victory lap while Bjorn looked very happy to get out and watch from the sidelines. It was an awesome (if slightly nauseating) achievement from them both, and just to top if off they ended the show from the heights of the Fearfall!

A huge well done to them both from us and happy Roller Coaster Day!

A bit of history: on 16th August 1898 the first Roller Coaster patent was filed and it's been all hills and loops and screams from then!

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