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Family Time Survey results are in!

  • Three-quarters of Kiwis believe that technology has a negative impact on how active they are as a family.
  • More than 80% struggle to find time to spend with family.
  • But almost half of families spend at least three hours glued to their phones or tablets every night.
  • Almost 90% often find a family member isn’t listening when they talk to them because they are looking at a screen.

Almost three-quarters (74.30%) of Kiwis believe that technology negatively impacts how active they are as a family, according to a new survey from Rainbow’s End. And just over 80% (81.68%) say they struggle to find time to spend together as a family.

Almost 90% (89.57%) regularly find that a family member isn’t listening to them because they are so engrossed in their phone or tablet. 

But the research also revealed that Kiwi families spend at least three hours on electronic devices every night. Almost 50% (46.82%) have only been out as a family a maximum of two times in the past three months – with 10.43% of those respondents not making it out once.

More positively, it seems that New Zealanders are strict when it comes to using devices at the dinner table. Just over 80% (81.93%) don’t allow it at all. Although interestingly, 9.41% say that adults are permitted to use them at the table. 

Rainbow’s End carried out the survey with Kiwi parents as part of a September “Ditch The Device” campaign, to raise awareness of how much families rely on electronic devices. The theme park wants to encourage more people to spend time outside with their families, away from TV, tablet and phone screens.

“Without a doubt, technology has changed our lives for the better. Having devices, such as phones and tablets at our finger-tips means we can be better connected with friends and family around the world,” says Rainbow’s End Marketing Manager, Katharine Murray.

“At the same time, there needs to be balance. The survey has definitely highlighted a concern among parents that the digital world can have a negative impact on how active families are and how much quality time they are spending together.”

“There are plenty of outdoor activities that can get families away from those screens for a few hours,” Katharine adds. “A day at the theme park is an ideal solution. Going on rides together is a great way to create family memories, get away from day-to-day stresses, and to bond with your kids. It also gets everyone out in the fresh air and being active, while having lots of fun together.”

To help families “Ditch The Device” and spend some fun time together Rainbow’s End has made a special Family Superpass Deal available online. Families can save $22 per person off the regular ticket prices during September, see the deal.

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