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Sports Team Parties

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If you're in a team you'll know that hours of training and practice go into a season of rugby, netball, soccer or any other sport. Each player and their contributions are valuable to the team –“ not to mention the wonderful dedicated support crews of parents, teachers, coaches and managers. When it comes to the end of the season then it’s time to remember an awesome year and celebrate. If you're the one planning the party for your sports team then here’s our top tips!


Pick a venue that’s big enough for your group. Your team might have only 20 players but with parents and siblings as well, the group can be bigger than you think. Organising a party for a large group may seem daunting at first, but if you plan early then there’s usually plenty of time to finalise numbers before the event. Some venues will need to know your numbers before the day while others will just need a booking with an indication of the number of guests attending.


Reward the players who have done well. This may be trophies, certificates, medals or even a mention in a speech from the coach. It’s important to take some time at the end of the season to look back and celebrate the wins and improvements in players. Within a larger venue you may be able to reserve an exclusive or private area just for your team for speeches and food.


Coaches, assistants, parents there are so many people who give up their time and energy all season. These people are often the ones who are planning the party or are organising things in the background but don't let them be overlooked. Take some time to show them how much you value them and appreciate their contributions to the team.


Once you have everyone at the party and speeches are done, people will be looking forward to lunch. If you have a venue where each person can buy their own food then you are all sorted. If you are all going to eat together then it’s a good idea to look at BBQ options or to arrange catering for the group so no one has to cook on the day.


Everyone has put in the hours through the season and now it’s time to treat yourselves. Whether your team has taken out the tournament or have known better seasons –“ it’s time to enjoy. The end of season party is a time for celebration, laughs and relaxation as a team off the field.

If your team is in Auckland or close by and planning your end of season party then we’d love to have you here at Rainbow’s End. We have group discounts or you can contact one of our friendly coordinators to talk about all the options.

If you have any suggestions or advice for other sports team who are organising end of season events we’d love to hear from you, please contact us.