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What's the most common birthday in New Zealand?

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Ever wondered what the most common birth date in New Zealand is? If you’re celebrating your birthday soon then it might be yours!   

Make sure you start planning for that special party early because according to Statistics New Zealand the 10 most common birthdays all appear in the 10 day period from September 22nd to 1st October each year.  That’s a lot of birthday parties, cake, presents and fun!  Make sure you plan early, book your birthday party venue and get your invitations out.

If your birthday is on September 30th then congratulations! It’s the most common birth date in New Zealand so you’re likely to be celebrating with lots of other awesome people around the country.  

Want to find out how popular your birthday is in New Zealand? Check out the Statistics New Zealand Most common birthday in NZ tool to find out

If you’re planning your child’s birthday and looking for an awesome birthday party venue check out our kids birthday party packages! Or for adults celebrating then see our great group rates and bring everyone to celebrate with you!

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