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Ahi Cold
Ahi Has A Cold 1


Park Characters Ahi Solo

Ahi is our dear dragon who protects the Park.

He is always out and about looking after all our visitors, but with all the wet weather last week he caught a nasty cold. The cold has given him a terrible case of the sneezes and last week he sneezed so hard he actually blew the walls off the castle!

Ahi Cold

Ahi was so upset about the castle 

that he crash-landed in the Log Flume lake which splashed all the water out. 

Bow Builder

Rai and bow to the rescue!

Rai and Bow are working with our team of builders to put the castle back together. With the water out of the lake they have also decided to give the Log Flume a big autumn-clean before they re-fill it. 

Park Characters Rai Bow Together

The Log Flume will be spick & span & ready to open at the end of May. The castle will look a bit funny for a couple of weeks until everything is put back together, but the rides are still operating and the lolly shop is just fine. 

Ahi Hot Dog

Don’t worry about Ahi. He is feeling much better and is keeping a watch over everyone who visits Rainbow’s End. He has also promised to wear his coat when it is raining!