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Sunday 5th December - The weather forecast for today predicts high winds in the afternoon. High winds can affect our Big 5 Rides (Stratosfear, Fear Fall, Power Surge, Invader and the Rollercoaster). 
If you are visiting us today, please prioritise the Big 5 rides in the morning - just in case! 

We're baaaack! Traffic Light Red means all rides will be operating in standard sessions from Friday December 3rd! 

We'll be running Fridays to Mondays until December 17th, from there we'll be open every day excluding Xmas day, until February 9th. 

At Traffic Light  Red things are a little different to keep everyone safe, including new rules for masks and vaccination. All Guests aged 12 years + 3 months and older must be double vaccinated and must be able to show proof of vaccination at entry.