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Operations & Maintenance

Ride operation and maintenance Information

To keep our rides in tip top shape, as well as daily and weekly checks and maintenance procedures,  all attractions go through a thorough annual review and service.

Where possible, we try to schedule Maintenance work during quiet or closed periods, to minimize guest disruption. 

As many of our engineering parts and tasks are done in collaboration with international  vendors, our schedule is subject to change due to Covid. 

Outside of scheduled shuts, weather can have an impact on availability to ensure you are riding safely.

If you are planning to visit us today, please see our homepage for the latest updates.


February 2021

Fearfall: Closed Thurs 11th and Fri 12th Feb
Coaster: Closed Mon 15th Feb - Fri 19th Feb &  Mon 22nd Feb - Fri 26th. 

March  2021

Goldrush: Closed Tues 9th Mar - Thu 11th Mar & Mon 15th - Fri 19th Mar.

Fearfall: Closed Mon 22nd - Fri 26th Mar.

April 2021

Spectra XD Dark Ride: Closed Wed 7th - Thu 8th April.
Jumpin’ Star: Tue 13th - Thu 15th April. 

MAY 2021

Log Flume: Closed Mon 3rd May - Fri 4th June.
Goldrush: Closed Mon 3rd May ( 1day only)

JUNE 2021

Stratosfear: Closed Tues 8th - Thurs 10th June.
Fearfall: Closed Mon 14th - Fri 18th June.
Choco Express (Kidz Kingdom): Closed Mon 28th June - Fri 2nd July.

JULY 2021

Space Shuttles (Kidz Kingdom): Closed Tues 27th - Thurs 29th July.


Carousel (Kidz Kingdom): Closed  Mon 2nd - Fri 6th August.  
Surf n' Swing (Kidz Kingdom): Closed  Tues 10th - Thurs 12th August.
Playstructure (Kidz Kingdom): Closed  Mon 16th  - Fri 20th August.  


Invader: Closed  Mon 30th Aug -  Fri 10th Sept.
Powersurge: Closed  Mon 20th - Fri 24th Sept.

OCTOBER - November  2021

Powersurge: Closed  Fri 1st - Mon 11th Oct.


  • The Scorpion Karts and Family Karts require a dry track to operate
  • The Invader cannot operate in wet weather
  • Some rides are unable to be operated in high wind conditions, this includes the big 5 thrill rides.

If we close rides due to weather conditions, it is for your safety. For more information on ride safety, check out our  safety page.


  • During weekends, school and public holidays the Power Surge. Log Flume and Gold Rush open at 11am.
  • The park may be closed in adverse weather conditions, or on a reduced schedule for off peak trading. Please check the website before your visit.

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