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riding safe 

Safety is a core value for Rainbow's End and guides what we do every day.

We have an extensive team of highly trained technicians,  engineers and attendants who are dedicated to keeping our rides and attractions running safely. 

Everyone in the park has a role to play in ride safety, including our guests. Read on to find out how we deliver safe thrills, and what you need to do in park to ensure it's a safe and enjoyable day for everyone. 

Safety How We Keep You Safe Everyday
Safety Testing

Independent Inspection

We work with qualified industry experts to ensure our attractions exceed international industry regulations.

Our rides are inspected annually by an independently certified ride inspection body.

Safety Man Hours And Daily Checks

Intensive Preparation 

Our technicians test every ride using rigorous standard operating procedures daily before Guests enter.

Daily checks are additional to weekly, monthly and annual maintenance to keep rides in tip top shape. 

Safety Training


Our ride operators go through 100 hours of supervised training before they can operate rides. 

Our big 5 rides are only attended  by senior attendants with a minimum of 2 years’ experience. 

Safety Systems

Safety Systems

Many of our rides are monitored by sophisticated computer systems that monitor the safe operation of rides at all times. 

Safety Heritage And Experience

Experience and Heritage

With over 38 years experience, we have delivered millions of rides to millions of guests, and completed hundreds of thousands of training and inspection hours.   

Safety Knowledge

Knowledge and Values

Weekly safety modules, plus regular safety drills and exercises ensure our team are ready to oversee safety standards safely and effectively. Safety is a core value and underpins everything we do. 

Safety Ride Stoppages

Stoppages and Outages:

Stoppages can be scary and frustrating, but are a key safety feature, helping keep you safe while riding. 

A ride will stop automatically if any of the hundreds  of sensors on the track are obstructed , even if it is just rain.

There are other common reasons why rides stop:

  • Guests using cameras and mobile phones during rides
  • Guest illness
  • Lost property within a ride area
  • Weather conditions
    Weather conditions like high wind or rain can impact our ability to operate a ride safely, and may mean our engineers recommend a temporary closure for your safety. 

When you're visiting the park you have a role to play in ensuring everyone has a safe, enjoyable day in the park...

Safety Follow Ride Rules Banner

Always check the ride rules before you hop on a Rainbow's End ride. 

Guests acting irresponsibly and not following the ride rules or attendant instructions put themselves and others at risk, and will be asked to leave the park. 

Each ride has rules unique to that ride, but there are some common rules for all rides:

Safety All Ride Mandatories
Safety Dont Ride When

Some of our rides are fast, or have sudden drops, shudders, twists and motions that   can be harmful for the following conditions.

We recommend those with healing bones and sprains save their visit for when they are healed. Broken bones and inflammation don't go well with G-Forces!

Safety Do Not Ride Conditions

Many of our new attractions such as Spectra 7D Theatre, our Escape Room and Virtual Reality are intensely sensory, immersive experiences which can be a trigger for some people. Participate with caution,  and avoid if you have any of the following:

Safety Do Not Ride Conditions Immersive Attractions