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Birthday room packages include catering for the children

Our birthday room packages come fully catered for the children, with a selection of platters to share, and a bottled drink for each child.

Check out the platter options below, and let us know your selection by  1pm the Thursday before your birthday party. 

After that time, your booking will default to  our most popular children's platters - curly fries, chicken nuggets and mini hot dogs. 

Adult Catering can be pre-purchased 

You might like to add some nibbles for the adults in your group. 

Adult platters aren't included in the package, but we have a range of  tasty and affordable options you can pre-purchase for delivery during the party.

Birthday Room Package - Kids Platters

Catering for the children will arrive on shared platters as part of your birthday room package.  

Your party will receive 3 different types of sharing platters 

Selection 1   is your choice of curly fries or wedges

The Selections 2 & 3  are your choice from the below list. 

 You can also choose a drink for the kids - a Keri Juice, bottled water or can of soda. 

Kids food arrives on platters, made to size for the number of children in your booking so they have enough to eat.


Please note, all items are prepared in a kitchen which also prepares items containing gluten, egg, dairy, soy, nuts and meat.  This means that any of our options could contain trace amounts of any of these ingredients.

Choose 1 of:

Curly Fries                                                  
DF, EF, NF, halal, vegetarian, vegan
WedgesEF, NF, halal, vegetarian.
DF & vegan without sour cream

By advance request regular fries can also be baked for a gluten free option.

Choose 2 of:

Pizza - Big CheeseEF, NF, vegetarian, contains soy
Pizza - Ham & PineappleEF, NF, contains soy
Pizza - PepperoniEF, NF, contains soy
Pizza - Vege DelightEF, NF, halal*, vegetarian, contains soy
Pizza - MeatloversEF, NF, contains soy
Chicken NuggetsNF, contains soy
Mini Hot DogsDF, EF, NF, contains soy
Sausage RollsNF, contains soy
Chicken NibblesDF, EF, NF, halal, nut, contains soy & sesame
CheeriosNF, contains Soy
Club Sandwiches - Ham & Cheese                           
Contains soy
Club Sandwiches - SaladVegetarian, contains soy
Fairy BreadEF, NF, halal, vegetarian.  Contains soy
Seasonal FruitGF, DF, EF, NF, halal, vegetarian, vegan

DF = Dairy Free NF = Nut Free   EF = Egg Free

*This option includes cheese

  • Keri juice (apple-blackcurrant)
  • Sprite
  • Pump bottled water

Please make sure you confirm platter choices with our coordinator at least 4 working days before your party, and no later than 1pm the Thursday prior on 092622030 or by  If confirmation is not received by this time then you will be booked for our most popular platters of curly fries, chicken nuggets and mini hot dogs. 

Please note we do not allow any non-Park food or drinks  in the Birthday rooms – except for Birthday cakes. 

If you wish to buy additional platters for the adults in the room, scroll down to our additional platters list. Additional platters are different to the children’s platters in that they have a set amount of items on the platter. 

Meals will be delivered to your birthday room within the first 15 minutes of your party session. If a child in your group has any dietary requirements please let us know when you make your booking and we would be happy to check ingredients for you.

Final payment will include meals which have been confirmed in advance and this cannot be altered on the day.  Not all meal choices are available in cases of late confirmation.

Birthday Room Package - Additional Platters

For adults in the group, or extra food on the day, we offer some catering great options which can be booked with your Birthday Room party.

Please contact our birthday coordinator on 09 262 2030 if you would like to add any of these to your Birthday Room Package booking. Orders must be received at least three working days before the date of your party. Final payment will include catering which has been confirmed in advance and this cannot be altered on the day.

Prices are subject to change without notice, catering options are subject to availability.  Please see table above for allergen and dietary information.

Curly Fries
Wedges with sour cream
Large Pizza - Big Cheese
Big New York Size, cut into 8 slices
Large Pizza - Ham & Pineapple
Big New York Size, cut into 8 slices
Large Pizza - Pepperoni
Big New York Size, cut into 8 slices
Large Pizza - Vege Delight
Big New York Size, cut into 8 slices
Large Pizza - Meatlovers
Big New York Size, cut into 8 slices
Chicken Nuggets
30 pieces
Mini Hot Dogs
24 pieces, battered hot dogs
Hoki Fish Bites
24 pieces
Spring Rolls & Samosas
80 pieces
Sausage Rolls
15 pieces
Mixed Savouries
15 pieces, mix of mince & potato top pies, ham & cheese quiche, sausage rolls
Chicken Nibbles
20 pieces
50 pieces
Club Sandwiches - Ham & Cheese
16 pieces
Club Sandwiches - Salad
16 pieces
Wraps - Chicken
16 sliced pieces
Wraps - Vegetarian
16 sliced pieces
Sweet Slices
24 bite size pieces
Fairy Bread
60 pieces
Seasonal Fruit
20 pieces

Our large pizzas can be made with a gluten free base for an extra $2.

Additional Drink Options to wet the palate

Jugs are $12.50 each and come with 8 disposable cups (jugs are 2 liters)

  • Coke
  • Lemonade
  • Juice

A jug of water is complimentary, please request this when placing your booking.

For a special party treat we also have Candy Floss and Rainbow Popcorn in bags so that the kids (or adults!) are able to take it with them.

Candy floss
Rainbow Popcorn

Rainbow Birthday Package Catering

A mouth-watering selection of food is available throughout the park for purchase on the day of your party.  We have everything from café cooking to pizza to candyfloss.

If you would like to add pre-booked meal vouchers for your party, please tell our birthday coordinator when making your booking.  Meal vouchers are $12.50 each.

Birthday Cakes

To make your party that extra bit special we have Rainbow's End birthday cakes.

Our cakes are available in two sizes and can be delivered to your room if you have a Kidz Kingdom birthday package. For those who have chosen one of our other packages, we can arrange for a cake to be waiting for you at our café on the day of your visit.

Small Cake: Size: 17cm   Weight: 800g   Price: $38

Large Cake: Size: 26cm   Weight: 2kg   Price: $50

Call our Birthday Coordinator on 09 262 2030 to order your cake today or contact us for more information. Please make sure you order your cake at least four working days before your party. Don’t forget your candles, plates and lighters!

Rainbows End Birthday Cakes