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Our Rides

Height Restrictions

We want all our guests to have a fun and safe day at Rainbow’s End!  Information on the height restrictions for our rides is below.  Ride height restrictions are also posted at each of the rides as well as on our park maps. More information on each of our rides can be found on our rides pages.

Please also refer to our information on medical conditions and accessibility that should be considered before riding.

At 150cm you can ride

At 130cm you can ride

At 120cm you can ride

At 90cm you can ride

At 80cm you can ride

Kidz KingdoM

Kidz Kingdom is for children 8 years and under

For your enjoyment and SafetY

Please ensure that all children are supervised at all times when within the theme park.  Accompanying adults must be seated next to any child they are accompanying. Please note that expectant mothers must not ride any of our attractions.

Rainbow's End cannot operate the Family Karts, Scorpion Karts or Invader in wet weather. For Kart operation, the tracks need to dry before they can be operated. Some rides, including the Fearfall, Stratosfear and Power Surge are unable to be operated in high wind conditions.

See medical and accessibility information.