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Spectra is the BIGGEST immersive theatre experience in the Southern Hemisphere, with  7 dimensions of special effects including laser blasters so you can interact with the story while scoring points against your family and friends. 

Height Restrictions:  90cm; guests under 110 cms need to be accompanied by a responsible supervisor of over 160cms. Content age restrictions apply also - see below for details by movie.

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forbidden mine


Parental guidance and discretion required for ages 8-11.

An ancient mine is taken over by an evil force.  The old miner wants our help to recover his mine. He says there is danger ahead - ghosts, ghouls, mummies, and maybe worse. It's just the exaggerated stories from an old miner, right? RIGHT???

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Parental guidance and discretion required for ages 8-11.

It's  2156, the year of destruction.

Pollution, famine and endless wars have brought civilization to its knees. A new society is born but the battle for resources has just begun. Do you have what it takes to survive?

New Movies Playing Now
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Los Banditos

Playing 10pm-1.30pm
AGES 5+ 

Parental discretion and guidance required for children 5-11.

Protect what’s yours in a steampunk wild west where a crazy scientist and his robot bandits are out for gold. 

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robot riot

PLAYING 1.30PM - Close
AGES 8+ 

Parental discretion and guidance required for children 8-11.

An army of alien robots have landed, work with your seatmates to get them under control before they destroy the city. 

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level 3 = closed

We will reopen when Auckland moves to Level 2. Find out what we're up to HERE

Got a ticket or booking for a lockdown day? Check out your options HERE

covid FAQ

Our most frequent questions this week…

park status BY LEVEL



There are no daytime extensions available on the current terms of Grab One Superpass Coupons. We are unable to extend this deal further due to advance bookings and likely capacity restrictions when we reopen for trading.

You have a couple of options:

a. Coupons may be used to book an October Dark Rides ticket. Date options are

  • Saturday October 30th 6-11pm
  • Saturday October 23rd 6-11pm
  • Saturday October 16th 6-11pm
  • Saturday October 9th 6-11pm

You can use your Coupon to book a Dark Rides ticket HERE

b.   Prefer a Refund? As the original purchase was with GrabOne, the refund process must start with them. If your coupon hasn't been used, we will happily approve a refund of your coupon.  Contact  [email protected] before Ocotber 31st.


To keep our rides in tip top shape, as well as daily and weekly checks and maintenance procedures,  all attractions go through a thorough an annual review and service. 

If you're planning a visit, find out what rides may be closed for maintenance on our  Operations & Maintenance page.