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Park Information

As members of The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), we welcome guests with special needs and are dedicated to doing all that is possible to ensure you have a safe and pleasurable visit.

The following outlines key information for your day out, please don’t hesitate to call us on 09 262 2030 if you have questions or wish to discuss any details. 


Accessibility parking is available for guests whose vehicle displays a special needs parking permit. These spaces are clearly marked with the international special needs symbol. 

Rainbow’s End do not have wheelchairs or mobility scooters for hire.

Group Visits

For larger group visits we recommend you contact our Customer Service team by emailing [email protected] to discuss your needs. 

Our representatives can talk with you about your requirements for the day, and how we can assist. 


Guide, Hearing and Assistance Dogs are welcome in our Park.  Service animals are allowed in most locations throughout the Park with the exception of some restricted areas.  We ask that all dogs wear their working vest identifying their role at all times.  


1. We Require Companion riding for safety

We also recommend that the companion or carer ride our attractions first to gain an understanding of ride suitability for their friend.

Our special needs guests must also be accompanied on the ride by a physically able carer or companion who is at least 160cm, and over the age of 18. Companions are required to ride and must sit in the same carriage, boat, seat or row. This requirements means that Scorpion Karts and Bumper Boats, single rider attractions, are not accessible to special needs riders, unless approved by the Attractions Manager.

For guests who need added support for walking, any rides that have complex evacuation procedures may require a minimum of two suitable helpers over the age of 18 to accompany them. 

2. Ride access and safety

2.1  What special needs guests can ride:

Firstly, all general ride conditions (including height, size and loose items restrictions) apply to all our guests. You’ll find this height information here on our website, and more details on information boards located at the entrance to each ride queuing area.

If our special needs guests meet general ride conditions and can support themselves to sit upright, then they will be able to enjoy rides with no restraints and lap belt restraints, like the Gold Rush or the Log Flume.

If our special needs guests meet general ride conditions, can support themselves to sit upright, and are able to be restrained safely in a harness with seat-belt, then they should be able to enjoy more daring rides such as Fearfall or Stratosphere.

As our special needs guests must also be accompanied on the ride by a carer or companion in the same carriage,  seat or row, the Scorpion Karts and Bumper Boats  are not accessible on a special needs pass.

Please note that some of our rides and attractions can be physically demanding and vigorous, with rigorous evacuation procedures, which may make them unsuitable for guests with extreme movement difficulties. 

Above all, we want your day to be a great one, and that starts with safety first. This means there may be instances where we refuse participation if we feel there is a danger to yourself or others on the ride.  

Please contact us at [email protected] so we can help you plan for the best day possible in the park.

2.2  Getting into a ride:

For safety and comfort, our special needs guests need to be assisted into ride vehicles by their companion or carer, including transferring the guest to and from their wheelchair if applicable.  

For safety reasons;

    • Rainbow’s End team members are not able to physically assist guests into or out of ride vehicles.  
    • The number of persons with special needs allowed on certain attractions at one time may be limited. In these instances, your party may be divided into smaller groups and there could be a wait before boarding. We will try our very best to keep this wait as short as possible for you.

Do your special needs make queuing difficult for you? Check out our ride assistance pass below to learn more about queuing options.      

2.3  In case of ride evacuations:

 In rare situations such as sudden extreme weather conditions, mechanical stoppages or power interruptions, it may be necessary for guests to be evacuated from a ride, possibly from the highest point.

Rainbow’s End Team members will provide instruction and carers must be able to:

    • communicate safety restrictions and messages
    • assist with any emergency or evacuation procedure which may involve lifting and transferring the special needs guest they are accompanying into a harness at high level.

2.4  The Ride Assistance Pass:

Is queuing difficult for you? We offer Ride Assistance Passes for special needs guests who:

    • do not understand the concept of queuing
    • have difficulties with everyday social interaction
    • have a limited capacity to follow instruction or to understand others feelings or expressions
    • may be agitated or distressed having to wait for extended periods of time;
    • permanent mobility challenges 

Please note that having a registered special need does not automatically qualify you for a Ride Assistance Pass - passes are prioritized for guests who find queuing particularly challenging, as per the points above. 

2.5  How the Ride Assistance Pass works

The Ride Assistance pass helps in two ways:

1. It reduces the wait time for the special needs guest's first go at the ride. Showing the Ride Assistance Pass to the attractions team allows you to board the ride at the earliest opportunity (one time only for each ride).

2.  Allows our special needs guest to re-ride the attraction a second time, immediately after the first,  without the need to exit and re-enter the ride carriage.

2.6  Accessing a Ride Assistance Pass

Ride Assistance Passes must be organised before the day of your visit.

To apply, please contact us at [email protected]

When booking your Ride Assistance Pass, your Rainbow's End representative may ask you to bring documentation to support your request on the day of visitation. Documentation could be one of the following:

  • A GP’s letter stating the disability and your inability to queue
  • Any other letterhead form or letter that states your special needs and your inability to queue

If you have trouble with this documentation,  please call prior to your visit on 09 262 2030 to discuss options.

2.7 Using your Ride Assistance Pass on the day 

  1. Your pre-organised Ride Assistance Pass will be issued on admission (remember to bring your documentation).
  2. Present your pass to our Attractions staff when you arrive at the ride for the first time.
  3. Attractions staff will allow you to board the ride at the earliest opportunity. This applies to your first time on the ride.
  4. Attractions staff will allow you to re-ride the attraction a second time, immediately after the first,  without the need to exit and re-enter the ride carriage.
  5.  Please note that ride assistance passes are for individuals only. Groups and families are not able to utilize the pass.
  6. If you want to ride with people in your group that don’t have a ride assistance pass, you will need to wait for them to join the queue and get to the front of the line. Once they arrive at the front of the line you will be able to join them. 


Rides located within Rainbow’s End Theme park may not be suitable to be ridden by persons with any form of health or medical condition that could be made worse by the motions or risks associated with each ride.

If you are pregnant you are not permitted to participate on any of the attractions.

The accelerations and motions associated with rides may endanger the health or cause discomfort or a worsening of the following pre-existing conditions:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Heart Conditions
  • Head, Neck and/or Back Injuries
  • Epilepsy
  • Motion Sickness
Casts, Braces or Supports

Guests with a casts, braces or supports on one or more limbs will be restricted from participating on rides where the cast, brace or support may present a hazard to the guest or others or reduce the effectiveness of ride restraints as situations vary.

Casts must fit comfortably in the ride vehicle and not interfere with the proper functioning of the ride restraint.

Guests with casts or braces will be restricted from riding specific rides where the cast or brace may present a hazard to the guest or others. 
  • This includes;
    • Invader
    • Power Surge
    • Roller Coaster
    • Fear Fall
    • Stratosfear
Guests in a leg cast are not able to ride on the following rides:
  • Scorpion Karts
  • Family Karts (must have be accompanied and can only be a passenger)
Guests in an arm cast cannot ride;
  • City Strike

Guests with broken or fractured bones which are not in a cast, brace or support may also be restricted from participation on rides. Please consult with our Duty Manager or the Ride Attendant if you are uncertain about your ability to safely experience a ride.  

Guests with Amputation or Prosthesis

For safety reasons, guests with an amputated limb or prosthesis may be unable to use some of our attractions.
As situations vary, our team can assist guests to plan their day on an individual basis and determine which attractions can be undertaken safely.  

Please contact us prior to your visit on 09 262 2030,  or contact the Duty Manager on arrival at the Park.  Please note that our Attractions ride staff are not qualified to assess accessibility for the rider and will refer you to the Duty Manager.


While we have a no external food policy, we have exception procedures to support life threatening food allergies and dietary affected auto immune diseases such as Coeliac disease.

Guests with severe dietary requirements may bring a packed lunch. To do this, please let our team at gate entry know you have a dietary requirement. The team will then call the Duty Manager to approve the exception to bring in a personal packed lunch/small snacks into the park for the guest.

While we understand that  not everyone will have medical certification relating to their disease, we encourage documentation as with the volume of people  that come through on a busy day it can significantly expediate your entry.

We also cater for dietary requirements.

On site we offer a selection of pre-packaged allergen friendly snacks in Playlab Café, as well as made to order options, including food without gluten which is prepared in gluten free only fryers/ovens -  however gluten products are prepped in other areas of the kitchen. 

During daytime sessions, you are welcome to leave the park to dine and return.

Many families, food allergy or otherwise, also use our front gate tables to picnic, or leave to eat elsewhere,  and we happily let them back in if bands are intact.

Please note that Night Rides has a no-exit policy to ensure the security of all guests. If you need to exit the park for a special reason, please ask to speak to the Duty Manager.

We find guests with dietary requirements only  run into problems when...

  • the dietary needs of one becomes an expectation of bringing in a large catered picnic for the whole  group.
  • they don’t engage staff  with their requirements at entry.