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Disability Policy

As members of The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), we welcome visits by persons with disabilities and will do all that is possible to ensure a safe and pleasurable visit. 

However, certain rides and attractions within our Park can be physically demanding and vigorous.  We therefore reserve the right to refuse participation on certain rides should we feel there is a danger to a particular individual or individuals on the grounds of being in the best interests of health and safety – We hope you understand and accept any decisions made with your safety and the safety of others in mind.  

Accessible Parking

Accessible parking is available for guests whose vehicle displays a Disability Parking Permit.  These spaces are clearly marked with the International Disability symbol.  


Rainbow’s End offers a reduced Superpass rate.  This rate is available to all persons with disabilities/special needs.  One accompanying carer may also enter the Park at a reduced Superpass rate.  

Group Visits

If you are visiting as part of a larger group, or are bringing a group, please contact our Receptionist on 09 262 2030 who will put you in contact with a representative to advise you on the best course of action ahead of your visit.  

Companion and Carer Assistance

All rides and Attractions require persons with disabilities to be assisted into ride vehicles and accompanied on our rides.  For safety reasons, the number of persons with disabilities allowed on certain attractions at one time may be limited.  Parties may be divided into smaller groups and there could be a wait before boarding.

In certain unlikely situations (such as extreme weather conditions, mechanical stoppages or power interruptions) it may be necessary for guests to be evacuated from a ride, possibly from the highest point. 

For safety reasons, persons with disabilities must be accompanied by at least one physically capable caregiver over the age of 18. 

Guests who are unable to walk unaided must be accompanied by a minimum of two helpers over the age of 18 on rides that involve a complex evacuation procedure.  Please note some ride evacuation procedures deem certain rides unsuitable for guests whom are unable to walk unaided.

Physically capable caregivers accompanying persons with disabilities on rides must sit in the same carriage, boat, seat or row, and must be able to assist with loading and unloading (Inclusive of the transfer to and from wheelchairs).  Unfortunately for everyone’s safety our team members are not able to physically assist guests into or out of ride vehicles, nor are they available to accompany guests for the duration of the day.   Team members will provide instruction and carers must be able to communicate safety restrictions, messages and assist with any emergency or evacuation procedure which may involve lifting and transferring a person with disability into a harness at high level.

Guests with disabilities may be accompanied by a maximum of three companions at any one time.

We strongly recommend that a companion or carer ride our attractions first to gain an understanding of ride suitability.  

Wheelchair Hire

Rainbow’s End Theme Park does not provide a wheelchair hire service.  

Ride Assistance Passes

Ride Assistance Passes are reserved for guests who do not understand the concept of queuing; have difficulties with everyday social interaction; have a limited capacity to follow instruction or to understand others emotional feelings or expressions, and may be agitated or distressed having to wait for extended periods of time; and permanently non-ambulant guests.

A Ride Assistance Pass allows a persons with a disability a reduced wait time for access on rides.  

Important Ride Access Pass Information

Having a registered disability does not automatically qualify you to receive a Ride Assistance Pass.

To apply for a Ride Assistance Pass you must pre-organise your visit ahead of the intended date of visitation please contact us on 09 262 2030 to be transferred to the person who can assist you.

On the date of visitation you will need to bring one of the following;

  • A GP’s letter stating the disability and your inability to queue
  • Any other letterhead form or letter that states the disability and your inability to queue


Terms and Conditions:

Guests without suitable documentation will not be issued with a Ride Assistance Pass.

The decision as to what evidence is suitable rests with Rainbow’s End Theme Park staff.  If in doubt, please discuss suitability prior to your visit.  

Ride Assistance Pass – How it works

Suitable guests will be issued with a Ride Assistance Pass upon admission

The Ride Assistance Pass must be presented to Attractions staff upon arrival at the attraction of your choice.

The Ride Assistance Pass will allow guests to board each attraction (one time only) at the earliest opportunity.

The Ride Assistance Pass will allow a guest to re-ride each attraction a second time (if desirable) without the need to exit and re-enter a ride carriage.


Ride Safety

General ride conditions (including height, size and loose items restrictions) are applicable to all guests and this information is detailed on information boards located at the entrance to each rides queuing area and on our web-site.  It is the responsibility of all guests to check these before deciding to ride.


Medical Conditions

Rides located within Rainbow’s End Theme park may not be suitable to be ridden by persons with any form of health or medical condition that could be made worse by the motions or risks associated with each ride.

If you are pregnant you are not permitted to participate on any of the attractions.

The accelerations and motions associated with rides may endanger the health or cause discomfort or a worsening of the following pre-existing conditions:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Heart Conditions
  • Head, Neck and/or Back Injuries
  • Epilepsy
  • Motion Sickness
Guide Hearing and Assistance Dogs

Guide, Hearing and Assistance Dogs are welcome in our Park.  Service animals are allowed in most locations throughout the Park with the exception of some restricted areas.  We ask that all dogs wear their working vest identifying their role at all times.  

Casts, Braces or Supports

Guests with a casts, braces or supports on one or more limbs will be restricted from participating on rides where the cast, brace or support may present a hazard to the guest or others or reduce the effectiveness of ride restraints as situations vary.

  • Casts must fit comfortably in the ride vehicle and not interfere with the proper functioning of the ride restraint.
  • Guests with casts or braces will be restricted from riding specific rides where the cast or brace may present a hazard to the guest or others. This includes;
    • Stratosfear
    • Fear Fall
    • Roller Coaster
    • Power Surge
    • Invader

Please consult with our Duty Manager or the Ride Attendant if you are uncertain about your ability to safely experience a ride.  


Guests with Amputation or Prosthesis

 For safety reasons, guests with an amputated limb or prosthesis may be unable to use some of our attractions.  As situations vary, our team can assist guests to plan their day on an individual basis and determine which attractions can be undertaken safely.  Please contact us prior to your visit, or contact the Duty Manager on arrival at the Park.  Please note that our Attractions ride staff are not qualified to assess accessibility for the rider and will refer you to the Duty Manager.

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