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There are some friendly folk at Rainbow’s End who have come from Rainbow Kingdom, all the way on the other side of the rainbow.  

Rai and Bow love meeting children and you can often see them on weekends and school holidays welcoming everyone into the park.  You can also see Princess Sapphire, Iris the Fairy, Sir Prised Alot and Enzo the Magician about the park as well. Make sure you say hi to them and don’t forget to take a picture!

You can read the full story of Kidz Kingdom too!

Rai n Bow

Rai And Bow

Rai n Bow are the fabulous mascots of Rainbow's End. They are both very friendly and enjoy meeting and taking photos with everyone.

Come find out what adventures they've been on!

Princess Sapphire

Meet Princess Sapphire

Princess Sapphire was born in Rainbow Kingdom and enjoys looking after everyone there.

When Kidz Kingdom was created, Princess Sapphire left her brother to rule the Rainbow Kingdom and came to live on this side of the rainbow for awhile with all the Kidz Kingdom folk.

Iris the Fairy

Meet Iris The Fairy

Iris is the most adventurous fairy from Rainbow Kingdom, the name Iris even means rainbow in Greek!

She loves rainbow lollies and has lots of energy to run, skip and play with everyone. Iris just loves meeting children in Kidz Kingdom.

Enzo the Magician

Meet Enzo The Magician

Enzo the magician is always excited to meet and talk with everyone.

He is still learning magic, but tries very hard to do his best. He is always happy to show off his latest trick – but maybe just stand back a little!

Sir Prised Alot

Meet Sir Prised Alot

Sir Prised Alot is a very brave knight from Rainbow Kingdom.

He takes his knightly duty to look after all the visitors in Kidz Kingdom very seriously. You can often see him striding about making sure everyone is happy and enjoying their day.

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