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Ticket Types

 We have lots of different passes to give you an awesome day, so check out the list below to see which is the right one for you.

Rainbow Playlab attractions are not included in these passes, game prices for Rainbow Playlab vary.

Adult Superpass

All the rides! An adult superpass is for guests who are 14 years and above and lets you go on all the rides in the main park all day.  If you have an adult superpass and are with a child who is 8 years and under then you can accompany them on the Kidz Kingdom rides too where there’s an adult seat.

If you're an adult over 65 then bring your ID and get 50% off as a senior superpass!

Rides New Powersurge

Child Superpass

All the rides! A child superpass is for guests who are 2-13 years old and includes all the rides in the main park all day.  If the child with the superpass is 8 years and under then all the Kidz Kingdom rides are included in this pass too!

Bumper Boats

Family Superpass

Family Superpasses are calculated automatically and gives you a $5 discount off individual Superpass prices.  To see the total for your family just enter the number of Adult and Child Superpasses in our calculator.  

To get a Family Superpass you’ll need at least 3 Supeprasses in a mix of child and adult. 

Rides New Roller Coaster

Kidz Kingdom Pass

Kidz Kingdom is an awesome area for children 8 years and under. A Kidz Kingdom pass lets your under 8 child ride on all the rides in both indoor and outdoor covered areas in Kidz Kingdom, where height restrictions are met (Older little ones may be too big for tiny rides such as carwash convoy). 

If your child is 1 year old and under they can enter Kidz Kingdom for free, but like other children will need an adult to supervise.

Rainbows End Kidz Kingdom Jumpin Star


All the rides in Kidz Kingdom PLUS unlimited rides on the Spectra XD Dark Ride, an interactive short movie experience in 7D, including laser guns so you can score points against your seat mate while interactiving with the story. 

Spectra is age-gated, so only purchase if your little one meets the following criteria:

  • Ages 5 and up for content playing 10am - 1.30pm (Los Banditos)
  • Ages 8 and up for content playing 1.30pm to close (Neon Ninja)

An adult will need either a Superpass or a Spectator plus Spectra pass to accompany their child on Spectra.

Log Flume

Spectator Pass

Spectator passes are a great option if you are not able to ride or you’re supervising children.   A Spectator Pass covers entry but doesn’t include rides.  

However, if your under 8 child needs an adult to go with them on the rides in Kidz Kingdom you are able to use your Spectator Pass to do this where there’s an adult seat.  

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