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Exclusive Area Hires


Our Bumper Boats area is right in the heart of it all! Centrally located, close to our food outlets and just around the bend from our entertainment hub - there's nothing to miss! You may even become mates with our pet dinosaur...

This venue is perfect for groups of around 30 people.

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Rule from above when you book the Lookout area! The Lookout is the throne nestled right behind Kidz Kingdom. Sit here and enjoy the sunshine, sunset and glorious view over Log Flume lake. You'll also get a major glimpse of what's happening on the Coaster and Invader, so keep your eyes peeled!

This area is perfect for groups of up to 80 people.

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The Log Flume area is perched right beneath our Corkscrew Coaster, giving you unbeatable photo-opp potential!

This area has optimal views of all things exciting happening in the park, and is carefully tucked away across Log Flume lake. Its two covered chalets make a great hang-out spot, and doubled with its large luscious green lawn area - you'll be having fun in style!
This venue is perfect for groups of around 90 people.

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The Barn is the place to be! Right in the eye of the storm, the Barn puts you front and centre of all the action happening in the park. Any direction you head in from here will give you quick access to every attraction - right outside your doorstep!
The Barn is well known for its soulful and colourful vibe and with a capacity of 250 standing and 100 seated, it's ready to go for large functions of any type. For exclusive night hires, three phase power is also available for live music, DJs or lighting.

This area is restricted to groups with over 100 Superpasses.

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Step inside the El Dorado for true exclusivity - or your own private party! Tucked away close to center stage, its hidden gate often goes unnoticed, unless you know where to look...

The El Dorado is designed for your own adventure away from the rest. Showing itself off as a cozy abode suited for a range of needs, nothing is overlooked here! This venue boasts indoor, outdoor and covered components, loads of seating, and plenty of potential to host large functions.

This area is restricted to groups with over 100 Superpasses.

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