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A time travelling vessel from another planet has crash landed in Victorian London. Can you work together to get the control centre working before villains destroy it? 


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up to 8 participants.


 8+  Puzzles can be challenging, we recommend a mix of ages and/or at least one participating adult.

session START times

Sessions are for up to 1 hour from the scheduled start time.

  • 10.30am
  • 11.45am
  • 1.00pm
  • 2.15pm
  • 3.30pm
  • 4:45pm - weekends & holidays only   



One Escape Experience for up to 8 people for only $99!


Time Traveller Escape Room

No cash back or further discounts will be given for smaller groups, or groups who finish in less than an hour.

For full terms and entry conditions for the Escape Room please read the 'Things You Should Know' section on this page.


The Time Traveler Escape features some challenging  S.T.E.M puzzles so we recommend at least one adult participant for groups of minors.

Rainbow Playlab and Rainbow's End requires all children aged 13 and under to be supervised while on site, and this applies to the Escape Room also.


$99 Deal
  • Covers entry for one Escape Experience for up to 8 people. No cash back or further discounts will be given for smaller groups, or groups who finish in less than an hour.
  • The session  starts at your scheduled booking time and finishes no later than 1 hour from session start. 
  • If you are late to your booking, your experience will still finish at the allotted time to ensure no impact on the next group.

Your Escape Room booking does not include entry into Rainbow's End Theme Park.

  • The Time Traveler Escape is located in Rainbow Playlab, Rainbow's End's Arcade area.  Rainbow Playlab has a range of activities including Arcades , Virtual Reality, and Computer Gaming that are pay by play and you are welcome to use this facility while on site.
  • If you wish to venture out of Playlab into the park, please talk to the Gate team at entry or your Rainbow Playlab host about Main Park ticketing options

Making a Booking:
  • We recommend booking  in advance online.  
  • Bookings can be made online up to the day before, subject to availability.
  • If you're visiting Rainbow's End for the day, you can check on the days availability and book in person by heading to the Playlab Service Counter (by Playlab cafe, opposite the Bumper Boats). 

Checking in for your booking:

If you're not visiting Rainbow's End Theme Park:

  1. Enter at the Rainbow's End front entrance retail shop
  2. Let the counter team know you are here for an Escape Room experience.
  3. Your Escape Room group must check in together
  4. To ensure you start your session on time, we advise checking in 15 minutes before the start of your Escape Room time.
  5. Your Rainbow Playlab host will collect your group from the entrance.

Please note that Escape Room Bookings do not include entry into Rainbow's End Theme Park.

If you are visiting Rainbow's End Theme Park before your Escape Room session.

  1. Head to the service counter in Rainbow Playlab (by Virtual Reality), 15 minutes before your session time.  
  2. Please have your whole group together at check in.

Food and Drink is prohibited in Rainbow Playlab and the Escape Room:

The Escape Room is located in Rainbow Playlab and you can access  Playlab Café before and after your booking,  which includes made to order and cabinet allergen and cultural friendly dining. 

If you prefer to eat food from home, we do have picnic tables outside the park you are welcome to use after your booking.

If you’re storing food in your car to eat later, be wary of hot days and package it appropriately.

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