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Welcome to Rainbow's End


Forecasted wind conditions on Sunday 27th September are likely to cause ride closures. Scattered showers through the day will also have an impact:

High winds can close:
  • The Stratosfear
  • The Fearfall
  • The Coaster
  • The Powersurge
Rain can close:
  • Skorpion and Family Karts (when tracks are wet)

Please note that The Invader is closed for Maintenance while we wait for parts from Italy that have been delayed due to Covid-19.

We don't take the decision to close rides lightly, and do so for safety. Our rides have sophisticated safety sensors plus are checked by Qualified Technicians prior to opening every day. 

What is operating?

KIdz KIngdom is undercover, Log Flume,  brand new Spectra  XD Dark RideBumper Boats, DodgemsAA Drivers Town and Goldrush are all going. Pop Up Haunted Attraction Manic Manor is launching today too.

Rainbow Playlab will be on free play for Superpass visitors, which means you can try Virtual Reality, and access top games unlocked on our state of the art E-Sports and Computer Gaming arena, plus  express experiences in the Time Traveller Escape.

Superpass guests today will also get $10 in Park Dollars to spend on food, sideshows, photospots and retail.

For more information on Ride Safety, check out our Safety page 

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